Oliver Gomez

Graphics & Illustration




Game Merchandise


PDF – Final Major Project

Game demo


Beyond – The levels

Trailer for game


Screen selections

Game Icon






Title Animation


Character Design

Creating the look of the main character is key in defining the feel of the game. The character needs to...

Logo Design

The name of my game is set to be ‘Beyond’ as I feel it fits well with the overall storyline....

Business Card

Indie game art style

To gain a greater understanding of what is required into creating a successful game in terms of look, feel and...

Project Proposal

Project Proposal

fmp draft copy

Project Proposal: Draft

Project Proposal: Draft

My proposal is to produce concept art and build a prototype for a puzzle game. To fulfill this brief I...

Professional Presentation

Final PDF

Final PDF


RSA Final Animation

  I am relatively pleased with the outcome as I feel it has nice clean look to it. However I...

C4D File

RSA Live with less animation – Download

Design Portfolio – Evaluation

Design Portfolio as a module has presented me with the opportunity to use 3D software in order to create visual...

Key frame breakdown


RSA  – Transcript

RSA – Transcript

As my animation was based on showing each word of the transcript, I felt it was appropriate to break this...

RSA – Camera angle test

I experimented with several camera angles to see which one was best suited to my animation. It was important that...

RSA Storyboard

This is rough plan of how I intend to display some of the key scenes in the motion graphic, playing...

Animation influnece

This animation made by Honds displays text in a similar manor to which I envisage to display my own. It...

Typogrpahy Poster 2

Following on from a previous task of designing a typographic rule in C4D, I decided to create a new one,...

Conditional Game

Table C4D

Following up from one of our C4D sessions where we focused on creating a table and wine bottle, using tools...

Game Poster



Mock ups


Game Idea

Step 1 – Draw triangles across the page (preferably different sizes and angles) Step 2 – With a ruler, draw...

Group Drawing

The task for this workshop was to choose a drawing excercise as a group with each one having a set...

Cube Animation

Cubes Animation Video

One a day 7

One a day 6

One a day 5

One a day 4

One a day 3

One a day 2

One a day

Cinema 4D Island 3

  After creating the landscape image in Cinema 4D, I then opened the image in Photoshop where I added a...

Space Animation Parallax

Overall I feel that the animation is okay but certainly can be greatly improved upon if I were to attempt...

Floating Island 2

Ealing Derive

I was initially unsure where to go or what to do, however after a few minutes I decided to sketch...

Cinema 4D Floating Island

  I made final touch ups in Photoshop to add visual appeal to the image. I added a warm tint...

Floating Island

Minimal Movie Posters

Cinema 4D Island 2

Cinema 4D experimenting

Typography Poster

Using Illustrator I designed a text based image for a typographic rule. This was so I could create a vector...

Motion Graphics

Here are 5 examples of motion graphics in use, which demonstrate how music can tie in with animation to make...

3D Quote

Cinema 4D Island

In this session we used Cinema 4D to create an island with a house planted within the terrain. We were...

Illustration for animation

Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman illustrations possess a child-like quality brought out through his use of vivid colours and doodle like drawing style....

Animation in Cinema 4D

This was my third session with Cinema 4D which focused on creating simple animations. I was fairly content with this...



Concept Mapping

I found it fairly difficult to split each idea into a different category as I felt some of them overlapped...

Helvetica Destruction

I opted to record the process using the slow motion feature on my camera which at the time I felt...

Concept Fanning

Helvetica Letter ‘K’


What is a concept map?

When being introduced to the idea of a ‘concept map’ I was initally slightly sceptic to how effective the process...

Cinema 4 :D

When I was first aware that we were going to be using 3D software, I was pleased as I knew...